Ari Salmi
With People

Ari Salmi Energetic People Leader

Positive Leadership Creates Success In Business.

People & Leadership

Working, Leading and Learning with Teams, Customers and Projects keeps wheels rolling.


Positive Can Do Attitude makes everybodies work day best so far!

Ninja Developer

Technical projects and own software company keeps software knowledge tight in hands.


Widely spread network of business, technical and can-do contacts makes easy to reach out!

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Passionate builder of high performance teams in which people want to do their best and even more. Recognizes talent, and sees where it is needed the most. Most of all, brings strategy into action.


People Leading Feedback

Facilitates the team spirit

I can recommend Ari to be the leader of choice for any sizable and demanding software endeavor - and I'd be also happy to work for him again some day. - Jarno Väyrynen

Ari is a person who works with a small company mindset – for him it’s about being on top of operations, teams and people, even though he is part of a big company. He always works with passion, and challenges are his fuel. - Saija Taavettila


SnowGrains from northern Finland, founded in 2014, is an industry-changing game company and publisher. In its first year SnowGrains has published total 23 games for Android and iOS. SnowGrains network helps indie developers to succeed together.

SnowGrains also creates app development with design and backend solutions.

Games for Android.

Games for iOS.

Indie Developer

Walking with the shaders, coding to the microcontrollers, mobile apps, games and web, makes you almost development language independent. Experiences from low level atmel development to web backend & frontend work. C/C++, Qt, Qml, Java/Android, Objective-C in between.